O’Neill Capital Group

O’Neill Capital Group

Selling your business is a huge task. We’ve got that covered. Realize the value of your hard work. The future is now – turning tomorrow into today.

Buying a business is also a tall order. We welcome buyers looking for new opportunity. We’re able to help you navigate this space very well – from reviewing financials to determining real estate costs and everything in between.

Succession Planning on the list of things to do? We have the help you need for that as well. Simply reach out. We’re here and ready when you are!


Excellence and experience across many platforms.


Discretion, ethics, morality, and legality. We use NDA’s and attorney drafted contracts to keep you secure.


Our team has backgrounds and contacts across many styles of business – from sales to CEO’s – to help you along the path.

  • Initial meeting/exploration
  • Deep dive into your business
  • Determination of market value
  • Listing for sale

We’re here for YOU.

Hard work pays off, now.


You define success – we help you arrive there. You’ve done well and now it is time to cash out. Contact us today.

About Us

We’re just folks like you. We help people buy/sell to pay the bills and eventually want to retire comfortably. No secrets here!!

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